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Specializing In Customer Satisfaction

Our Success Relies On Your Success

StudioKraft is dedicated to the success and satisfaction of our clients. When you work with us, you work with a team dedicated to providing you with the functions you need on your web site, and the results that you expect from SEO and PPC campaigns.

Web Programming Services

Our core business revolves around the web applications that we develop for our clients. Let us combine our creativity with our technical experience to provide you with the web-based solution your business requires.

  • Content Management Services (CMS)
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Datafeed Integrations for E-Commerce
  • Facebook Applications, Twitter Integration and other Customized Programs

Web Design Services

Whether you are creating a new web site from scratch or looking to upgrade the look and feel of your current web site, StudioKraft can help.

  • "Web 2.0" Design and Layout
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari)
  • PSD to XHTML services
  • WordPress conversions/implementations

Local SEO Services

If your business operates within a limited service area, you can benefit greatly by our Local SEO Services.

For example, if you run a painting business in Florida, it serves your business more to have a web searcher in Florida than in Ottowa, Canada view your web site.

  • Increased visibility within your service area
  • More relevant leads
  • Higher exposure in local markets

Lead Generation Services

The combination of our Programming, Design, Analytics and Local SEO services results in our Lead Generation Service. Each of these services are used in concert to provide your business with qualified leads:

  • Design: Creation of "Landing Pages" to display your product or service and compel the visitor to contact you
  • Programming: Split Testing of Landing Pages to insure the best-performing page for a variety of metrics is displayed
  • Analytics: Data is collected from your Lead Generation Campaign to continually modify the system for optimal performance
  • Local SEO: On-page optimization and other methods are used to increase the relevance of your web site for selected search terms and phrases

White Label Web Development Services

Each of the above services are offered to digital marketing and graphic design businesses as "White Label" offerings. This means that you can offer our expert web development services to your clients as your own!

  • Expand your opportunities by adding web development services to your client offerings
  • Add significant value to your business and to your customers, increasing your profits
  • Enhance your design projects with functionality and user experience customization


"You just took a huge load off my shoulders. THANKS! I have never been so happy to pay a bill."

M. L.