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Web Products To Enhance Your Business

StudioKraft has developed web-based applications to provide our customers with a solution for a variety of situations. We use these products as building blocks to construct customized solutions for clients whose needs go beyond the typical "off-the-shelf" product.
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Content Management

Our SKSite product empowers our customers to edit the contents of their web site, from anywhere, whenever they want.

With our easy-to-use web interface, anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Word can edit the contents of a web site. Ideal for web sites with news or job listing sections where the content should be changed often.

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Sell your products or services online using our SKStore product.

Built upon strong, secure foundations, our e-commerce systems give you the features you want and the security that you need to do business online.

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Web Analytics

Modern web analytics involves more than simple "hit counts" or "page views".

Our SKAnalytics system is a fully scalable and robust web analytics solution that is tailored to the needs of your web site. You can define what Performance Indicators are important to you, and generate a variety of reports using this data, and even share the data with other applications through our API.



"You just took a huge load off my shoulders. THANKS! I have never been so happy to pay a bill."

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