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Local SEO Services

Increasing online visibility for your regional business

Make it easy for customers in your local service area to find your business.

Can Your Local Customers Easily Find Your Product Or Service?

Local search is only one factor of a comprehensive search marketing strategy, but it is an increasingly important and crucial one, and one that is morphing rapidly. More and more, people are going to the web to find local businesses, sometimes using the internet more frequently than the phone book. Having a visible presence in local search results is important for any small business, and visibility in local search results is a key factor.

How Does StudioKraft Assist Businesses With Local Search Optimization?
  • Data Provider Inclusion - We make sure that your information is present in the databases used by local search providers.
  • Business Claims - We assist you in making sure that the local search results are controlled by you.
  • Reviews - We will make reviewing your company at local search providers easier for your customers.
  • Category Verification - We insure that your business is listed in the most relevant categories for local search results.
What kind of issues does StudioKraft help to overcome?
What does an optimized local listing look like?


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