StudioKraft Creative Web Services, LLC


E-Commerce Solutions

StudioKraft's extensive experience in developing customized e-commerce solutions can benefit your online business. We specialize in equipping businesses with an online store that meets their criteria when off-the-shelf e-commerce solutions do not. Our products include:

  • Solutions for Physical and Digital Products
  • Automation of Standard, Recurring Processes
  • Customer Relations Management Enhancements
  • Newsletter Systems, Product Reviews

Web Analytics Solutions

StudioKraft has invested extensive resources in the development of customized analytics software to aid with SEO and PPC campaigns. These analytics tools come standard with our own hosted solutions, or can be added to existing web sites with a JavaScript Code.

  • Track Marketing Campaign Performance
  • Ad-Level Tracking For PPC Campaigns
  • Various Metrics Within Custom Reports
  • Measure Results From SEO, PPC

Web Development Services

Our core compentency lies in devising and developing creative technical solutions for the challenges that our customers face. Issues with inventory, customer relations management, marketing maintenance, and many others can be addressed through automation:

  • Enhancement of Static Web Sites
  • Automated Split Testing of Landing Pages
  • Integration of Web 2.0 APIs (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Communication between disparate systems

Lead Generation Services

StudioKraft's Lead Generation service is a culmination of other services that we provide, including our Web Analytics, Local SEO and Site Management solutions.

Our systems allow for customized delivery of landing pages tailored to the user search terms and ads clicked to provide the most relevant information.

Reporting allows you to see at a glance how your pages are performing, how your ads are performing, and even allows you to schedule landing pages based on the day of the week and the geographic location of the visitor.



"StudioKraft possesses a good mix of practicality and artistic sense. They have a good eye and even when you give them minimal direction, they will come through with designs you never thought of."