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Lead Generation Services

Producing Consistent, Qualified Leads For Your Business Is Our Business

Keeping your sales force working on new qualified leads is critical in today's challenging economic climate. Consistent and Accurate Lead Generation is imperative for survival.

Why Lead Generation Services Are Needed

A bit of perspective is required to fully understand the need for a lead generation campaign. The image to the left is a representation of the users of the entire World Wide Web (internet) in proportion to what is most likely a "serviceable market" for any small business. This means that simply having a web page available does not necessarily mean that the people who visit it are qualified to be your customers. In fact, an extremely high number of internet users are most likely not qualified for any number of reasons, the most prominent being their location.

Many businesses have a limited service area in which they can provide their services. Their web site is, of course, accessible to anyone with an internet connection, but that does not mean that any of these people are potential customers for this business. Even if the visitor is in the market for the company's services, the company cannot offer their services to a customer outside of their local service area.

An intelligent and focused lead generation campaign is required to insure that the majority of the online marketing budget is put into efforts that will attract the qualified customers.

How Does Lead Generation Work?

Lead Generation Services work to optimize your marketing budget and strive to produce the greatest return by targeting your efforts to the people who are most likely to be interested in your offerings. A complete Lead Generation campaign consists of the following components:

  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns focused within the service area of your business.
  • Local SEO Initiatives to build online reputation for your business within your service area.
  • Customized Landing Pages to deliver relevant content to the potential target's search.
  • Integrated Analytics provide feedback on the actions of the visitors and raw data for "Big Picture" reports.

Combining these strategies provide the tools necessary to focus online marketing efforts in the areas that provide the best returns. For an effective Lead Generation Campaign, you cannot rely on "set-it-and-forget-it" solutions.

How Does StudioKraft Manage A Lead Generation Campaign?

We have extensive experience with the planning, execution and management of Lead Generation Campaigns. Our technology provides us with the necessary tools to monitor and enhance the performance of the marketing efforts and improve the focus of the campaigns over time. This combination of automated technology and "hands-on" management provides an effective Lead Generation solution.

The image to the left displays the cycle that we use to manage a Lead Generation Campaign. Our proprietary programs help us to streamline the process and accurately measure results.

It starts with our Local SEO and PPC Management services to generate traffic to the web site.

When a visitor arrives at your web site, our SKSite system serves a "Landing Page" based on a variety of parameters that can be set. We design the layout of the landing page and provide the system that performs the "Split Test", serving different pages to different visitors.

Data is collected on the visitor by our SKAnalytics software, including the paid ad or directory page that the visitor arrived from, whether or not they completed the required action (filling out a contact form, subscribing to a newsletter), etc.

The data from our Analytics software is compiled into reports which bring into focus the overall performance of the system, from keyword and PPC Ad effectiveness to Landing Page design.

The SKSite system can use the data collected from SKAnalytics over time to predict the most effective Landing Page for each visitor. Reports will show us what PPC campaigns have been effective and which have not - our SKAnalytics Reports can drill down to the exact ad the visitor clicked on. All of this comes together to refine your Lead Generation Campaign. This means that over time, your Lead Generation Campaign will spend less to get more.



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