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Custom Web Development

Our core competency lies in devising and developing creative technical solutions for the challenges that our customers face. Issues with inventory, customer relations management, marketing maintenance, and many others can be addressed through automation:

  • Enhancement of Static Web Sites
  • Automated "Split Testing" of Landing Pages
  • Integration of Web 2.0 APIs
  • Communication between disparate systems
  • Business Process Automation (BPA)

StudioKraft Products

StudioKraft has developed solutions to many of the common problems encountered when designing a web site:

  • SKSite - Automates many common web development tasks
  • SKAnalytics - Creates reports derived from collected visitor data
  • SKStore - Enhances proven e-commerce engines with advanced features

We use these programs as building blocks for many of our web programming projects, which as a result provides insight for improving upon the base products. Overall, this results in faster turnaround time for many programming projects.


Here's How Our Web Development Services Can Benefit Your Business:

Enhancement of Static Web Sites

If your web site is unable to reflect the products or services of your business accurately, it may be due to an inability to interact with the visitor. Many businesses offer products customized for the user, and if your web site is made of static HTML and cannot display this to a potential customer, you may lose them.

With custom web development, your web site can alter the page contents and information provided to the customer based on the qualifications of your product or service, creating a more personalized experience for the user.

Automated "Split Testing" of Landing Pages

When running a Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising campaign, having the perfect ad copy is only part of the equation. Having a landing page that compels the visitor to take action after clicking on the ad is imperative, so how do you know what landing pages work for which visitors?

StudioKraft has developed a system to not only track the ads that are clicked on by your visitors, but can also rotate the landing pages that are displayed based on varying factors such as the geographical location of the visitor, the time of day, and of course the ad that was clicked.

Integration of Web 2.0 APIs

There are many web sites offering a variety of services and features, and they allow you to use them on your web site - provided that you know how to integrate what is called an API (Application Programming Interface).

Some examples include Google Maps, Twitter "Tweets" and Flickr photos. These services can be integrated into your site to provide a wealth of enhancements.

Communication Between Disparate Systems

A common problem for many companies is that they find themselves in the middle of other providers of services or products. For example, a company sells widgets that they order in bulk from a supplier and ship using FedEx. They need to be able to track their inventory, place orders for new stock in a timely fashion, collect orders from customers, contact FedEx for package pickup and provide tracking information to the customer.

The web programming solution will provide a web interface that allows them to track inventory in real-time, flag low-stock items and place orders for new stock automatically, collect orders online or enter orders manually, communicate with FedEx to provide shipping rates and print shipping labels, and incorporate a Customer Management System (CMS) to track order status, process payments and refunds, and manage communications.

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Businesses looking to improve their bottom line always do well to identify areas of their business which can be served through automation. With manual tasks, this involves robotics and machines, but with IT-based services, this involves analyzing current processes and developing efficient and secure means of automating them.

StudioKraft will help to analyze current processes and recommend solutions for automating them. Solutions can range depending on the industry served, so contact us today for an evaluation and consultation.

We look forward to learning about your company or organization, and providing you with the web development solution that you need!


"We can't thank you enough for the wonderful job. We are totally thrilled with how the website came together."

Will Patterson, Fine Artist