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White Label Web Development Services

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StudioKraft offers "White Label" web development services to assist graphic design companies, internet marketers, and other web professionals.

What Are "White Label" Services?

"White Label" products and services are produced by one company, and then sold to another with the understanding that the purchaser may "rebrand" the service with their own company identity.

The advantages of this partnership include more mark-ups for the purchasing partner, and more business for the providing partner.

How Does StudioKraft White Label Service Work?
  • You have a client who is inquiring about a service that we offer
  • You forward the details of the client's request to us
  • We respond to you with a quote for services (your cost), which you mark up and quote to the client
  • If accepted by the client, we complete the project and deliver it to you
  • You communicate between the client and StudioKraft to complete the project to the client's satisfaction
  • You deliver the completed project to your client, who is never aware of our participation in the process
  • Profit!
Why Work With StudioKraft?

You can bring our expertise to the list of services that you offer your clients, without the hassles of hiring and managing in-house talent. Let our over 14 years of experience work for you!

We make it easy to work with us and extend services like e-commerce, custom web development, and Local SEO to your clients. No need to turn away business when you can offer these services as well!

We listen to you in order to determine the best course of action to provide you with the solutions that you require.

We take pride in the quality of our work - you will be partnering with professionals who deliver top-shelf results, quickly and reliably.

You will have a direct connection with the programmer/designer working on the project for your client. Phone, e-mail, and IM available.

USAAll development is US-based, there is no outsourcing to offshore third-party programming or development houses. We deliver quality every time.

"What Services Can I Offer My Clients?"

You can expand your service offerings to your clients by including the very best in:

  • E-Commerce Web Sites (With features customized to their specifications)
  • Custom Web Development (A project that requires more than a basic HTML web page)
  • Local SEO Services (Make sure your client's web site is found)
  • WordPress Web Sites (We can convert your designs to WordPress or create original designs)
  • Web Hosting Services (Everything from the single-page web site to enterprise cloud hosting)

The list of skills that can be offered to your clients include:

  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Development
  • Standards-compliant (X)HTML and CSS markup
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX / jQuery
  • PhotoShop (PSD) to (X)HTML/CSS
  • WordPress and OSCommerce Customization, Installation and Repair


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