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Discover Total Content Management

Complete Web Site Management With SKSite

Our SKSite CMS provides easy editing of online content, plus incorporates our other web site programs for a total web site management system. SKSite is the core of all our web solutions.


Easy Online Content Management

Our SKSite product empowers our customers to edit the contents of their web site, from anywhere, whenever they want.

With our easy-to-use web interface, anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Word can edit the contents of a web site. Ideal for web sites with news or job listing areas where the content should be changed often.

  • Easily Edit Your Own Web Site
  • "Plug In" Additional Features When Needed
SKSite Content Management

Integrated, Powerful Analytics

SKSite integrates seamlessly with our SKAnalytics product, and provides even more powerful analytics data than our standalone product.

The inclusion of SKAnalytics into your web solution provides the feedback necessary to refine online marketing efforts, and get a big picture of overall site performance.

  • Create Reports On Your Web Site Performance
  • Reveal Insights About Visitor Behavior

Automated Processes

SKSite has been developed to automate common web site tasks, such as:

  • Process input from Contact Forms
  • Customize "Landing Pages" for PPC Campaigns
  • Manage Customer Relations via a customized ticket system
  • Process vendor data feeds to maintain inventory levels and pricing in e-commerce
  • Monitor web site for suspicious activity
  • Automated Site Maps
  • Easily protect sensitive content with password-only access
  • Integrated WordPress Blog functionality
  • Social Media integration (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.)

The SKSite system provides us with the tools we need to develop your custom web solution.


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