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Domain Registration Scams

Monday, April 13th, 2009

A customer received the following e-mail, and was concerned about it:

Dear [customer],

we are a professional domain name registration center in asia, mainly dealing with the domain name registration and internet intellectual property rights protection, We received a formal application from a company who is applying to register “[domain]” as their domain name and Internet keyword on April 09 2009. Because this involves your company name or trade mark so we inform you in no time. If you consider these domain names and internet keyword

Kind Regards,


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Hong Kong Network Service Company Limited

We had received a similar letter:

Dear Manager,

We are a professional Internet consultant organization in Asia, which mainly deal with the global companies’domain name registration and internet intellectual property right protection. Currently, we have a pretty important issue needing to confirm with your company.

On 2009-02-12, we received an application formally, one person named “Jacques Tits” wanted to applied for the Internet brand “studiokraft” and some domain names through our body.

During our preliminary investigation,we found that these domain names’ keyword and internet brand is identical with your trademark. I wonder whether you consigned “Jacques Tits” to register these domain names through us or not? Or is “Jacques Tits” your business partner or distributor in Asia? Currently, we have postponed this application of this company temporarily already. In order to deal with this issue better, please let the principal make a confirmation with me by telephone or email ASAP.

In addition, I must state that we have time limited for one person or one company’s registration. It is just 15 days. If your company files doesn’t resent within the time limited. We will unconditionally authorized the application of ” Jacques Tits”.

Thank you for your cooperate.

Best Regards,

Heather Lau

The name of the supposed registrant “Jacques Tits” was sort of a tip-off that this mail was not legitimate.

The “companies” who send these mailings will register the domain in question at an inflated price if you respond positively to these mails.

These companies are attempting to scam people into purchasing domain registrations at ridiculous prices by pretending that there is some third party interested in registering the domain.

These mailings prey on small business owners who know the importance of protecting their brand, even if they do not do business worldwide. Businesses who are not internet-savvy or who do not have an IT consultant on staff may fall for these scams.

StudioKraft warns their clients of these and other internet scams, and asks anyone to ignore any e-mail received that resembles the examples above (the exact wording changes often), particularly if they are sent from any of the following domains: