Acxiom to offer a new program: ‘web business registration portal’

Recently I’ve run into some issues in updating our business information for Acxiom. The easiest and recommended way to update your information for them is to call your telephone service directly, as they supply the data to IdeaArc (, who then in turn supplies your business data to Acxiom. Unfortunately for us, perhaps because of 911 routing rules, our listing for Mantua is unable to be listed and is instead listed as Deptford (I gather as the nearest larger town to us). In order to have our business information appear as trustworthy and viable as possible, I’m finding that having our information to be as consistent across all data channels very challenging.

In speaking with Alice Baeten from the Acxiom Privacy Team earlier today, she relayed some good news that they will be debuting a new program within the next month or so called “web business registration portal” which will enable changes to be directly submitted to Acxiom. Although I’m excited by this news, I have one big question that I look forward to sorting out.

If it is impossible to have our telephone provider list the correct town and Acxiom gathers both their 411 information once a month and their printed telephone directory information once a year from the telephone provider, will updating with Acxiom directly be in vain as it will eventually be overwritten on the next update from the telephone company?

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2 Responses to “Acxiom to offer a new program: ‘web business registration portal’”

  1. Peter says:

    I believe a “web business registration portal” will be available at this address (Jon Cohn from Acxiom has mentioned this during “Local Business Listings: Straight Talk With the Data Providers” webcast (August 18th)


  2. StudioKraft says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the link. Looking forward to when it will be available. 🙂

    Warm regards,